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Foam inlays for storing measuring instruments

As an optional accessory we offer customised foam inlays for storing instruments e.g. in drawer cabinets.

Gauges have always been the key to solving complex measuring problems.

Wherever geometric complexity rules out the use of conventional equipment such as callipers or internal micrometers, Kroeplin gauges are the perfect and inexpensive solution. Mechanical and electronic lever gauges are used in the metalworking industry and many other sectors.

Kroeplin measurement devices can be found in a range of different sectors.

In addition to the classic areas of use in the metal-working industry such as machine building, the auto and auto supplier industry, our customers also include companies in the aircraft building and metal production industries.

Kroeplin measurement devices can be used for all measurements of interior diameters, groove diameters, thicknesses, material strengths, etc.


We offer you to download various information about Kroeplin in our media centre.

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