The electronic quicktest in modern design and optimized ergonomics.

The new electronic quicktest:

  • Fast reading
  • Interactive keypad
  • More intuitive navigation
  • Less power consumption


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Tastadores digitales – Resolución 1µm

Kroeplin presents the first Quicktest with a resolution of 1 μm.

In addition to excellent handiness the new gauge is characterized by the high accuracy the possibility of wireless data transmission and the use of a lithium polymer battery with inductive charging concept.

The user can select the numerical values 0.001 mm, 0.002 mm, 0.005 mm or 0.01 mm.
Measurement programs help to find a quick and safe measuring value.

The new and very handy gauge with protection class IP67 defies adverse workshop conditions.
The measured values determined with the tried and tested programs can be displayed as absolute, relative or tolerance values.
A red / green display supports the reading of the measuring value.

The new Kroeplin Quicktest can be equipped with a Bluetooth interface.
Furthermore the proven USB and Digimatic interfaces are available.

A battery change is no longer required. The power supply is provided by a lithium polymer battery. The gauge will be charged inductively by placing the gauge on the provided charging station.
The gauge has no connectors or openings which could impair the tightness.

The optional Bluetooth interface also contributes to this.
Up to 8 gauges can transmit their measured values to any terminal via the supplied USB dongle. The installation of a special software is not required. The measured value appears via keypress directly at the cursor position in the respective device.
The range in the workshop area is more than 10 m without obstacles more than 60 m is possible.

Más informaciones puede obtener usted en nuestro prospecto nuevo para su descarga.